NO!  Why does everyone assume healthy food, or wheat free food is gonna taste terrible?  If it tasted that terrible I wouldn’t have been able to stay wheat free for two years. It is a different taste, for sure and for some people it takes a bit of adjusting, but ease into it.

Picture of Nairns

The Nairns cookies were fab… seriously my kids gobbled them up.  Their fave was Stem Ginger, they have a good little kick too! The mixed berries were nice, I liked them with milk. My preference is almost always savoury or salty based, so I was anxious to try the crackers. I’m always on the hunt to satisfy that cracker hunger but stay wheat free. Cheese and crackers is one of my staples, and honestly Nairns has nailed it. I loved them all!

The cheese was my least favourite but still good, my hubby loved the cheese. You can find Nairns at most grocery stores and they retail for under $5.00!


Nairn’s Oat Crackers and Cookies are available in Canada in seven delicious flavours, all made from wheat free recipes with whole grain oats. They are high in fibre, and  don’t  have any trans or hydrogenated fats, and no GM ingredients, artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.



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