Makeup..I love it.  I do, I love that I can look different by simply changing a shade, it’s fun and a great method of creative expression.

I used to apply makeup for weddings, and I was in the TV industry for 13 years where I applied my own makeup so I know what I like and don’t like. One of the biggest game changers in makeup is mascara, or if you are genetically blessed, great, long, thick eyelashes.  Why? Because it frames your eyes.  Think of when you started getting creative with your colouring projects in elementary school and you outlined your picture with a darker colour first, it looked great!  I was not blessed with long thick eyelashes, and I’ve tried a lot of products to get them.  Recently the market is hot with great products, one of which is “Younique”.  This mascara really is incredible. It’s a three step process, 1. mascara 2. fibrelashes (which you apply just like mascara) and 3. mascara (the same from step 1, it just seals in the fibre lashes).  It comes in a lovely case and costs $35.  Now for those of you using a $5-10 mascara this may seem steep, and it is depending on who you are and what your priorities are, but I LOVE it and think it’s worth it.  For me, it cuts down on the upper eye liner I wear, and makeup in general.  You can look really simple and natural by just wearing it and gloss, or you can go glam with smoky eyes for a night time look.  So where do you get it? It’s a direct sales product, similar to Avon if you will (

I have a few friends selling it,  including Melissa Carnegie, Samantha Snudden and Michelle Waterworth who’s offered to give away a free trial to one of YOU!

Simply like my FB page, and share like crazy all over social media.  I will pick a name in 7 days!  You really need to try this stuff, it’s wicked. Long live the lashes.

No mascara…and I just woke up for Saturday morning hockey…leave me alone.
After Younique. I know I still look tired. CUZ I AM.
I look cray cray…I’VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU!