Yes. Yes he is. He is Sam’s Nephew, of Sam’s Nephew’s Barber Shop in Bridgenorth, and former Barber and current son of Joe the Barber from Lakefield….are you still with me?

Joe the Barber using his skills with the razor on his son, also a Barber.

Let me back up a bit…Joe Ferreri immigrated to Canada from Sicily in 1952 and eventually started Joe’s Barber shop in Lakefield.  His brother Sam Ferreri came to Canada 10 years later and worked alongside Joe for 25 years until he left and opened his own shop in Bridgenorth.

Joe has two sons, Phil and Adriano, both of whom learned from their Dad to be skilled Barbers.  Adriano (my husband) worked with Phil in Lakefield and then followed history and decided to take over Sam’s shop in Bridgenorth when Sam semi retired in January 2014, the shop is now affectionately called “Sam’s Nephew’s Barber Shop”.

It’s a neat, rare career that allows for a creative touch, which Adriano has (he’s also a film maker).  His Dad Joe still works with him, you can get a Joe special (which really means animated, exciting stories that usually start with “madda fact”) Wednesdays in Bridgenorth.

Reverse training! Inspector Joe takes a lesson from his apprentice in new age Barbering techniques….3 generations of Ferreri’s…I wonder if Giorgio will take after his Dad and Nonno?

My boys and daughter love visiting the shop and they love when their Dad practices fun new creations on them.  Barbering and the Barber Shop truly is a fascinating place.  It’s a bit of a time machine when the old boys come in, some enjoy the conversation more than the hair cut, while others really appreciate the “authenticity” and skill of the trade passed on from generation to generation.

Adriano calls this “racing stripes mohawk”…

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, pop in and tell Sam’s nephew I say heeeeeey. You can even give him my number:)


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