I wish the title said “I GOT SHREDDED”.  It doesn’t.

The title is about threading.  The ancient old body hair removal technique which originated in India and seems to just be catching on for North Americans.

I gave it a try.  Seven minutes later, a little wincing (much less than waxing or sugaring) and $6 out of my wallet, I have a hairless upper lip.  It was quick and inexpensive.  It was a bit odd having a woman with sewing thread hanging from her mouth working on me, but let’s be honest, most beauty rituals aren’t exactly “normal”.  Excuse me while I sugar your bikini area?

Anyway, this is my 2sense on threading:  I like it. I didn’t have any reaction to it either.  Sometimes with sugaring or waxing, especially on my upper lip, I can break out.  I didn’t with threading.  It stung ever so slightly when it was finished and I put alcohol on the treated area to ensure no breakouts.