What a conundrum!!

The AMAZING people at Elmhirst’s Resort in Keene gave me a gracious gift for hosting a mental health conference at their lovely resort.

They gave me a pair of Toronto Maple Leafs tickets dated for March 11, 2015 7pm against the Buffalo Sabres.


I have three kids but decided that my middle boy, Giorgio who suffered most while I worked long hours to organize the conference deserved the ticket.  He has taken a BIG shine to hockey and has never been to an NHL game.  So we had a date.  He and his Mom were going to the Leafs game…UNTIL today.

We got an email early this morning telling us that his final Novice Lakefield Chiefs game of the season is, yep you guessed it: Wednesday March 11th at 7pm. So I gave him the choice of what to do.  He chose his final game.  He said he needs to be there for his team (he’s also a Habs fan;) I also don’t want to miss him play his final game.

Now I need some bidders.  Giorgio decided we should donate any money raised to his school and if there is enough to the his hockey league.


Click over to the Facebook post below and leave your bid!! Then you should DEFINITELY follow Elmhirst on Twitter, visit their website and give them some love on Facebook. They were so kind to give me such a gift!

Clear as mud?

I know some of you are muttering, you CAN’T give away Leafs tickets!  I also know lots of you are die hards!  So go Leafs go and most importantly GO NOVICE CHIEFS GO!