I like a fast workout, I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADD.  My attention span is limited.  I need ACTION!

The first Yoga class I took part in was sloooow. They said lots of bizarre words I didn’t understand and I thought, meh Yoga isn’t for me.  A while later I tried again.  It was “power yoga”.  It was fast.  I got sweaty and sore, but I also sat still and learned to be present.  I learned to be mindful.  I learned to live in the moment and let the every day stress of life melt away, while getting fit.  I liked it, a lot.


Family Yoga: One of my Faves!

Yoga offers a diverse selection of practices.  You can be any kind of athlete and benefit from Yoga.  The principles are powerful, and the the more I do it, the more I love it.  I was pretty excited to learn the world loves Yoga too!

IMG_9915June 21st is the First ever International Yoga Day!

I met up with a local Yoga instructor to chat about what the community of Peterborough is doing to celebrate this exciting event! We also did some family yoga. Kids LOVE yoga, just watch! Vlog is 3 minutes!

Get your tickets, support the United Way and hopefully I’ll see you at Peteborough Yoga Fest