Skin Cancer is real and we all know it. Unfortunately, most of us also love a tan.

I love how a tan makes me look more toned and quite honestly, a little trimmer. It’s the principle of shading, it creates the illusion of smaller (think about painting a room a dark colour, or wearing dark clothing).  I love the sun, but tanning is sooo 1989. With worries about the sun on our skin, we need a change.

The beauty industry has worked for a while on perfected the sunless tan (aka spray tanning or the spray-on tan).

I think we all remember the episode of Friends when Ross tried a spray tan. Thankfully, technology has come a long way and companies have listened to the consumer. St Tropez is one of the greatest products on the market right now.

Watch this weeks vlog shot at Salon Sorella & Day Spa (total time 2:44) and learn what St Tropez is and how it works.


SEE YOU AT THE BEACH… but in the shade.