It’s true, I wasn’t that excited to get a spray tan.

My experience of a spray tan: A cold booth that resulted in patches of discoloration, a gross smell, orangish colour and patches of orange in all the wrong places, primarily my hands.

When Salon Sorella & Day Spa told me they had a new sunless tanning system by the best in the business, I thought, alright.  I’ll give it a try.

They were right. St Tropez has revolutionized the self tanning system.  It doesn’t smell nearly as bad and the colour is lovely and natural looking.  I am very impressed with the product line.  The spray tan is still a bit chilly.  I need a minimum of 32 degrees Celsius to feel “comfortable”.  My husband says I’m cold blooded (perhaps he means more than my temperature?) I think what impressed me most was how toned I looked and felt after.  I really love how it makes me feel.

AfteronedayThis is the next day after the spray tan. It makes me feel better in my clothes, shorts, skirts and dresses.

Watch me bear it all in this beauty VLOG.  Total watch time 2:50.

Remember a “bikini ready” body, is one that puts on a bikini.



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  • You crack me up! You look great, I need to try Salon Sorella based on all your fabulous blogs!

  • Wow! I had never seen this type of spray tan before.. Looked pretty easy. I am guilty of tanning beds when I was a teen and have been shunning the sun ever since. You look great in those photos with the camo shirts..extremely fit! Maybe I will give it a try..40 is pretty cheap.. I too am becoming interested in salon sorella!

  • Thanks for sharing! It doesn’t seem so intimdating now. My b’day is coming up, I may have to treat myself to the Head to Toe beauty package!

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