I’m pretty sure every Mom can add “professional clothes cleaner” to her resume.  Laundry is never ending.  Have you ever added up the hours we’ve invested into laundry?  It’s crazeee!  I CANNOT even imagine living before the day of a modern day washing machine. I think my family would have just been hot messes.  Wait we still are.  Anyway, the point is, I’m all about fast, furious and effective products. Time is valuable.  I don’t want to spend mine in the laundry room. So, I was excited to try two new products; Resolve Gold Crystal White in Wash Powder and Resolve Gold Crystal WHITE Gel.


To be honest, I’ve contemplated running a “stain wars” reality show.  So I was excited to put these products to the test.

 My Mom takes her stain removal very seriously.  She’s very picky about stain removal products.  I’ve seen her perform miracles when it comes to saving a shirt or a pair of pants.  So I decided to get her opinion on the Resolve Gold Crystal White Powder and Gel products.  I recently went golfing and wore a new white shirt.  It was chilly so I put on a grey cashmere sweater over top of the white shirt during the second hole.


When I got home my new white shirt was grey in the armpits.  I honestly thought it was a goner.  I put my Mom and Resolve Gold Crystal White Powder to work.


Mom made a paste (added a bit of water to the powder) and applied it directly to the stain.  We instantly saw an improvement.   After about 30 seconds  she wet the shirt and then scrubbed it with a tiny scrubber and rinsed it in water.  She spent about three minutes total before we put it in the washing machine.  We used the Resolve Gold Crystal White Powder in the wash as well mixed with my regular detergent. The cycle was complete and BAM, my new white shirt was white again!  Resolve  Gold Crystal White Powder you have my approval and more importantly, you have the stain removal queen, my Moms approval.


We figured why stop there?  My son had a nasty grass stain on his white collared shirt.  My Mom tried the Resolve Gold Crystal White Gel.



She applied it directly to the stain rubbed it with the bottom of the of the cap (she said that’s what the lines were for?) and the stain lifted instantly.  Again we threw it in the washing machine with the suggested washer amount of resolve gel combined with my regular detergent and waited for the cycle to finish.  BAM again.



Honestly both these products are fast and effective at getting whites whiter and removing stains.  There’s a heap of stains Resolve is great at attacking.  To learn more about the product visit http://www.powerofresolve.ca.

Happy laundry, I know that’s an oxymoron.  Unless you are my Stain Fighting Super Hero Mom.



This post has been brought to you by Resolve Gold, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit www.powerofresolve.ca