We are very excited and inspired about this new feature. A friend and former TV colleague of mine is making a change, and he’s invited us to join him on his courageous journey.

10393882_10155164293075385_2885644652156729929_nJeremy and I on set at CHEX Television (2014).  Jeremy is a regular contributor with CHEX Daily, Wednesdays with “DAILY TECH”

Below is a post submitted by Jeremy Biden.  MF’s Fitness Fridays will be following Jeremy’s fitness and weight-loss goals through blogging and vlogging.

If Jeremy doesn’t inspire you, you might be hopeless.


by Jeremy Biden

Everyone has a moment that triggers a change.

The ball starts rolling and the winds of change take shape. One step at a time.

You never know when that moment will strike.  You never know, because sometimes you aren’t looking for it.  You know you need it, but change isn’t easy.

This summer my moment happened.  It was in isle 8 at a local grocery store.  A little girl no more then 5 years old said to her mother, “Mommy! Mommy! That guy is fat.”
I thought she said fast because I hate shopping so I usually rush through the store.

The mom who was a customer of my store handled it quite well telling her daughter “there are many people of all shapes, sizes, colours and shades. “

I continued to the checkout never stopping or missing a beat.

That was my moment.

So I made a plan with support from my amazing wife.

I set a goal and time frame.

I even put a note on my phone of what that little girl said.  Maybe when I reach my goal I’ll be able to thank her.

I stepped on the scale, 338 pounds.  I couldn’t believe it. A number that creeped into my life while I wasn’t paying attention.

That number fueled my anger and my motivation.

The new goal and number:  lose 100 lbs in one year.  This goal is my fuel.  I am less than three weeks into “my moment” and I’m down 21 pounds.  The ball is rolling and I can do this.

I’m like most of you.  I’m busy with work and family life. I try to put everyone else first and myself second.

That day in the grocery store I changed my mindset and put my health first.  I can’t put anyone first if I’m not here.

It’s the little things that are making a difference.  Going out with friends at 10pm and NOT ordering wings and poutine.  Laying off the pop.  Being prepared with healthy meals instead of grabbing what’s available because I’m starving.  Don’t let yourself get starving! I also have a fitbit and most importantly, my wife Debbie has also adopted this lifestyle change.  It’s so much easier to achieve goals with love and support! 


 Me and my amazing wife, Debbie

Stay tuned as we chronicle my journey of getting healthy and making a change.

One moment can change the world.
One moment can alter the course of your future.

When will that moment come to you ??