The first time I got on a stand up paddle board, I really liked it.  I was surprised at how comfortable it was and how stable it felt.

Now that my family lives on the lake I’ve been thinking a lot about investing in one, but they’re pretty pricey. 

I recently saw one at Home Depot for $399 ( I had never seen one for that price!) I told my Mom that I would love it as a birthday gift from everyone (communal gift).

The good Mom that she is, she corralled my husband and my Dad and they all splurged on a pretty extravagant, pretty awesome birthday gift!

img_0864.jpgI took it out and thought, “Geez it’s really heavy compared to other ones I’ve used”. When I started to paddle, I really struggled to get it to steer straight.  My husband tried and he had the same issue, we moved the fin, but it didn’t help. So my Mom, Dad and husband agreed that I should take back the $399 one and get one that I love (I’d pay the difference).

So off I went in search of a paddle board that suited me.  I didn’t really know what to look for, or how to pick a “good one”. 

I visited a local store, with owners I know and low and behold I FOUND ONE, AND IT’S PRETTY TOO!!  Here’s what happened (watch time: 5:43)

My Birthday Present: I’M SOOOO EXCITED!My Birthday Present!! EEEEEEK with Cottage Toys – Serious About Fun

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Monday, May 30, 2016

As you can guess, we are going to be using my new SUP in the coming weeks and getting lessons on how to make the most of it and use it properly.  Thanks again to Andrew Rork of Cottage Toys, I look forward to working with their staff and getting water toy educated this summer!

I thought I better share this video with you too.  I met a woman while I was getting my paddle board and she walked past and said, I LOVE that board!  I bought one for my  daughter and I! 

She had a ton of great things to say but she was really camera shy, so I improvised and we shot this video;)  (watch time 1:19)

Sometimes I meet the greatest people with the greatest things to say BUT they just HATE the camera…I’m an improviser 󾍇 Cottage Toys – Serious About Fun

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Monday, May 30, 2016

I can’t wait to use my Bic Performer Wahine Stand Up Paddle Board!

 img_0961.jpgI LOVE the beautiful paddle too! Andrew Rork (left), owner of Cottage Toys, Me and Andrew Sutton, sales associate at Cottage Toys


*This post is sponsored by Cottage Toys, but the opinions are my own.


Thank you to my husband for capturing this shot. My stand up paddle board is absolutely amazing. My youngest who never…

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Saturday, June 18, 2016

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