My son Marcello would live outside if he could, I call him Mowgli from the Jungle Book.
img_1100.jpgMy daughter Rosa (left) who is 12, cares about fashion and style, so does her friend Bianca (right).

img_9217.jpg My middle son Giorgio (wearing the black Leguanos) really cares about how things feel and fit.

Buying shoes for my kids isn’t easy. Like me, they have “unique” feet.  They are also really picky.

I hate spending money on shoes and clothes for my kids, because I feel like it never lasts. They outgrow it or slop something that leaves a stain or the quality just isn’t great. 

I finally caved and bought Bog boots this past winter and it was an “aha” moment for me. They made life easier. The kids were comfortable, they were easy to put on, and they have lasted really well.  I believe the saying is, you get what you pay for. 

When I was first approached to try Leguano shoes, I was hesitant; “Why would I want a barefoot shoe?”

After I slipped them on, I quickly changed my mind and said, “Oh these are awesome! Perfect for the lake! BUT do you have kids sizes?!”

They do!! Watch this VLOG (watch time 2:26)

THE SHOES MY KIDS LOVE!I love when I can work with a company that benefits my kids too! At first I was a bit hesitant about these German made barefoot leguano shoes, but after trying them on, I’m a BELIEVER, and so are my kids! We love em’!! Wanna WIN a pair click here to enter–>

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Leguano shoes are brilliant because they double as an outdoor athletic shoe and as a sandal. 


Marcello wears his allll the time. This is him at the Ontario Science Centre, rock climbing!

I also love Angela Lancaster, pro field hockey player and the North American rep for Leguano!


How cute is she?!

I recently was on vacation and I always like to pack my running shoes so I can fit in a workout, but I didn’t have the space for them. The Leguano’s fold right up, so they didn’t take up any space! 

I ran on the beach in them, which isn’t easy to do in running shoes, but they were awesome!! I got a ton of compliments and questions about my cool barefoot shoes! 

img_9881.jpg Nestle Quick sponsored our morning run, even the bunny loved them;)

So the moral is we love them!!  You can shop online at LEGUANO HERE and if you wanna WIN A PAIR IT’S EASY!!







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  • Ahhh I saw these about a year ago and really wanted a pair and haven’t seen them since! I have trouble finding shoes for my messed up feet so thought these might be perfect!

  • Would love love love to win these. Be able to exercise then jump in the water all the while being comfortable and fashionable. Love it!!!!

  • They look like the perfect shoe for travel! I would love to have these when I go abroad as an athletic shoe that takes up no space and wears well.

  • I would love to win a pair…I have weird feet and have a hard time finding something comfortable.

  • Would love to win a pair – we’ve had them before and perfect for camping. Cheers! My daughter would rock the torquoise shoes.

  • I’ve actually been looking for comfortable aquatic shoes for my little one and myself. My 4yo daughter is super picky when it comes to shoes. If they aren’t super comfortable she simply will not wear them. So basically she only wears sneakers. All day. Every day. She even wrote sneakers to my friend’s wedding. Embarrassing. These look like they would be perfect for her. And I have a tendency to buy matching shoes with her when I can, just because it’s fun. And she loves it when our shoes match. LoL. Winning a pair for myself or for her would be amazing. Thanks for introducing me to these, Michelle. You’re tops!

  • Would love to win a pair of these shoes! My kids would love feeling like they are barefoot!

  • I love my leguanos and my daughter is totally excited that they came out with kids sizes! Especially in pink! I have 2 pairs of the Mary Jane style in black and pink and they go with everything,,, dressy, casual or sporty! They work with everything! I ❤️ Leguanos!

  • I’ve never heard of them .. but because I like shoes I sure would be willing to try them 😊

  • Just recently have taken up kayaking, and not only am I soaked from top to bottom, I always slip when trying to disembark due to my wonky knee and slippery flip flops. And am easily freaked out about squishy things around my feet when I enter a lake 😱 I would love to win a pair of these!

  • I would love to win a pair for my Mom, Bev Johnston. She fell a month and a half ago and broke her femur. She is starting to get her mobility back. My mom is not a fan of shoes she loves being barefoot or wearing sandals but since the fall she must wear running shoes. Having a pair of Leguanos would be perfect…comfort and support. They look amazing!!

  • I love being barefoot but hate all the thistles in our ‘country’ yard. These seem like they would be a perfect compromise.

  • I love to run and have heard that there is no better experience than to run with Leguano but, I can’t afford them. :(. Plus , i love your blog! Please pick me!!

  • Barefoot is the only way to go. So many people with foot issues could have avoided them, just by going barefoot and encouraging natural movement. I love the concept of these shoes and would love a pair for myself (my 3 year old has a few pairs of shoes similar the leguano’s). I’m alway barefoot and adding these to my life would make things so much easier (and save my badly cracked, tough feet). Thank you for the opportunity!

  • These are awesome!! I have day dreamed about shoes like this as have always been self conscience and uncomfortable in running shoes. I am 90% of the time bare footed as its most comfortable. Will be sharing this with my friends and family. Thank you Michelle.

  • I am a mama of three,I seldom by luxury items for myself and I have wide feet so these would be amazing at the lake, cottage and chasing my kids all over the beach. Plus, I could show them off to all my mommy friends who will want pair! Ha ha

  • I would love a pair of these shoes. I have been looking desperate for a pair of beach shoes.

  • I would love a pair. I hurt my foot 18 months ago and wearing shoes kills me but I hate going barefoot (nor can i realistically).

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  • Those look amazing Michelle! I’ve never worm that type of shoe before but it would be perfect for the cottage or for walks here at Weil Acres!

  • Would love to win a pair for my daughter who hates wearing anything on her feet in the summer!

  • Hi mom of one boy size 15 in man and would love to win them and my boyfriend 12 and im a 8.5 would be great fit for camping

  • I would love to win a pair! Being more plus sized it is extremely hard to find shoes that fit wide feet that last and are affordable. Having a child I always put my little girl first and would love love love to win a pair of these shoes! I just started a journey of exercise and am trying to stay healthy. These shoes would be perfect they look sooo comfortable! Would love a pair so much!

  • I would love to win a pair of these Leguanos for my daughter who is very picky about the feel of her shoes, especially since she has wider feet.
    It’s tough to find stylish shoes for her that fit well and feel good.
    While I would love a pair for myself since I spend most of the snowless months barefooted, I think she would benefit more from these.
    Wish me luck!

  • Would love a pair of these!!! So would my 4 year old granddaughter who loves to go barefoot!!! Good luck to me!!

  • They look and sound amazing! As a mom of eight, easy and comfortable are two very important factors. I would love to win a pair🙏🏻

  • These are the next best thing to walking barefoot and they protect your feet. Need them.

  • I would love to win a pair because I love to be bear feet but it’s not always the best choice. These would also be perfect for travelling! Thank you for the chance!

  • I would like to try a pair as I hate wearing shoes but they’re expensive so probably the only way I’ll get a pair is if I win them

  • I would absolutely love to win a pair of these shoes for my son. Thomas has recently run & won the half marathon race in Calgary. As a result he is now Canada’s Half Marathon champ. We talked about these shoes not long ago & he mentioned how much fun it would be to train wearing these shoes. I would love to win them for him. After studying & reading up on these shoes Thomas feels they might help with leg cramps. Good luck to everyone who enters & congratulaions to the winner

  • Id love these shoes! they look so comfortable! The ballerinas are adorable. My sad student pockets would never be able to buy these out right

  • I like Leguano on facebook,shared on facebook from above,and I would LOVE to win a pair of these,,they look super comfortable and great for summer activities!! Thanks!!

  • These look absolutely amazing and comfortable! Love being outdoors…would totally love to win a pair!!

  • In the summer I hate to wear socks or shoes. If I could be barefoot all day I would be a happy Mom. I watched the video and am sold on these shoes. It would be greatly appreciated and I would be thrilled beyond thrilled to win a pair of these amazing “will feel like I’m barefoot even though I’m not” shoes! You Rock Michelle.

  • These look like great cottage shoes! We are constantly in and out of the water and all sorts of different terrains. These look like they would be perfect! I would love to win some 🙂

  • I’d love a pair! I hate wearing socks in the summer. Actually, I hate wearing socks at all but recent foot issues make it necessary. Perfect for climbing and swimming with my boys! (I’m confident that they’d be begging for their own pair)

  • I would live a pair since I spend the bulk of my summer up at the cottage and these would be great for camping.

  • Omg these look awesome! I would love a pair of these to wear outside in and around of the pool and also at the beach with the kids. 🙂

  • I would love a pair for my 11 year old daughter heading to camp the last 2 weeks of July. She needs an all around great shoe for swimming, sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding and a host of other outdoor activities. And above all else they look cool and her opinion that would the most important feature of her perfect camp shoe!!!!

  • I’m a full time nurse and mom to a one and a half year old. I don’t stop😳Lol.
    I’m on my feet for 12 hours a day and then some when I get home. I’ve love something that I can just keep on my feel all day that’s comfy and I can pop in and out to of the house with. And comfort. Sweet, sweet, comfort 👊🏻