If I was to take over the world, there are two things I would make mandatory for everyone: 

  • Free Education
  • World Travel

Mark Twain summed up travel perfectly:

The reason we don’t travel more is simple: The money tree always seems dehydrated and honestly, it is brutally inconvenient. 

Why has no one figured out how to teleport and why can’t muggles apparate like Harry Potter? 

When I heard Carlson Wagonlit Stewart Travel was launching *Charter flights from the Peterborough Airport, I was pumped!!! 

How convenient is that?  Not having to leave for the airport six hours before your flight? SIGN US UP!

I was over the moon when we were invited to VLOG our experience on the charter flight to New Orleans (the destinations are always changing!)



Watch this VLOG (watch time 9:34) I think you will quickly see why we think the whole experience is flawless and of incredible value. Keep in mind our flight was at 10am and we had to be at the airport NO LATER than 9:30am!! Also, try and guess my favourite part about New Orleans!

OUR TRIP TO NEW ORLEANS #FLYFROMPTBODid you know you can FLY FROM PETERBOROUGH ON??? Here’s our experience of flying from Peterborough Airport to New Orleans courtesy of Carlson Wagonlit/G. Stewart Travel Services and their charter flight service!!!

Learn more about the fall trip to Boston and the 2017 departures including how much these trips cost here –>
#flyfromptbo #ptbodoesneworleans

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Sunday, July 3, 2016

Did you guess oysters and beignets???

The cost for the New Orleans trip was $1199 plus $309 taxes for three nights and four days plus all of the extras you watched in the VLOG. 


The next trip to New York April 27-30 has a few seats left!  It’s also $1199 + taxes OR you can fly JUST air (no accommodations) for $581 ALL TAXES IN.  I think my parents are sold on flying from Peterborough after they watched us land, walk off the plane and get home within 50 minutes! Did I mention how amazing it was for our kids to greet us off the plane?

The 2017 departures look amazing (They are going to Newfoundland!) To view more details and check out the full Carlson Wagonlit Stewart Travel website CLICK HERE!


We had such a great time!  We shot lots of fun videos! Here are some more in case you missed them on social media! 

This first one was a live video of us at the airport boarding the plane. (watch time 12:14)

Flying From YPQFlying From Ptbo Airport to New Orleans!!Sold out trip, this is the first round of people to board the plane! With Carlson Wagonlit/G. Stewart Travel Services #flyfromptbo #ptbodoesneworleans

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Thursday, June 23, 2016

This next live video I shot with our Airboat Tour Guide, Paul Phillips. Paul knows his Louisiana Swamp and his alligators!  He is the alligator open water wrestling champ for the entire state!!! (watch time 8:35)

Real Swamp People on the Bayou with Carlson Wagonlit/G. Stewart Travel Services

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Friday, June 24, 2016

Right after I finished recording, he took us to a spot and literally pet an alligator.  Watch this!! (watch time 1:26)

Aligator Wrestling WIth Louisana Champ Paul PhillipsHere it is….watch the video that introduces Paul first (on my facebook). This happened about 10 minutes after that video!! Carlson Wagonlit/G. Stewart Travel Services #ptbodoesneworleans

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Friday, June 24, 2016

This live video was shot in Jackson Square in the French Quarter.  Hands down my favourite part of NOLA was Cafe du Monde which is featured in this video! (watch time 13:25)

The French Quarter with Carlson Wagonlit/G. Stewart Travel Services

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Friday, June 24, 2016

I hope you can find the time to invest in travel, it truly is a world education!


*Charter means a flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific trip, not part of an airline’s regular schedule.

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  • This is so incredible! Glad you enjoyed your time ! Very informative! I imagine the airport would only have access to planes that would fly within the continent, but still very cool !