Happy #FitnessFriday!

With the cooler weather coming soon, it was great to take advantage of the sunshine and visit the Peterborough Golf & Country Club as they announced plans for their upcoming 120th (!!) anniversary.  I got an email from my good buddy Pete Dalliday inviting me to come out and try some golf. 


Now, I have only swung a club a few times in my life but you know me, I don’t pass up too many opportunities.  

Driving past this course all the time, it was AMAZING to actually visit what I believe is one of the most beautiful gems in the city.

General Manager, Rob Hickson spoke at a press conference about how the club is a family of over 400 + members, and after spending a few hours at the course and in the club house, I know why!

The staff and members welcomed me to their golf course with open arms and helped me set up for nine holes. For me, the appeal of golf is the social, the workout is an added benefit!

We have done some fun and interesting things with “Get Fit With Jer”, but I can really see myself taking up golf.  Rob was able to show me where the Curling Rink is located too {Spoiler Alert: Possible Vlog on Curling Soon!}

Thanks again to the entire crew at Peterborough Golf & Country Club for allowing me to enjoy their course…side note: I only lost two balls over nine holes annnd, is there a name for the Gopher on the 5th hole?!!! (I’m also not in this vid a lot, due to me trying not to lose said balls!)


Till next week (oh, it’s going to be a splash blast!),

Get Fit with Jer

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