It’s FITNESS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there, Get Fit With Jer Army – last week we celebrated the first anniversary of our weekly VLOG and this week we take you to Pulse Physiotherapy. I’ve been visiting Connor Massimo, Registered Physiotherapist and his amazing team over the summer after my wife went there to help correct a pinched nerve and slipped disc in her back. 

There’s a misconception that physio is only used as a treatment AFTER an injury, but PREVENTION is just as important! It’s definitely played a big role in my overall well being this summer. 
Enjoy this week’s VLOG (watch time 2:30) and reach out to Connor and his team at Pulse Physiotherapy! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO HIS WEBSITE, or give him a call 705.874.0222. 

One of the biggest hurdles for people looking to get fit and work out is managing injuries. Find out how Get Fit With Jer PREVENTS injury with Pulse Physiotherapy HAPPY #fitnessfriday󾭞🏻󾭞🏻

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy #FitnessFriday!
Get Fit With Jer

* This post is sponsored by Pulse Physiotherapy but the opinions are Jer’s.

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