If you have no idea what that title means, click here, and then come back 😉


I’m also not a fast runner. In fact six years ago I couldn’t run to the end of the laneway, so the fact that I even say I run is still foreign to me. I love it running. It helped me lose that last bit of baby weight and it’s the best for my mental health. 

When I feel stressed or overwhelmed, a quick 30 minute run clears my head. Running also helps me think. Many of my creative ideas happen when I run. I actually started a weekly Monday Motivation Rant on my Facebook page (which you can watch here).

This week I changed up the format a wee bit and took part in an annual race held in my hometown of Douro, Ontario. 


The annual Douro Doings happens every Labour Day. One of the events is a 10km race. It’s a measly $20 to register and the proceeds are a fundraiser for the church. I don’t normally run 10km, in fact I have only ever done it twice. I didn’t train, but on a last minute whim I decided to do it this year. I wasn’t sure if I would finish, so I just took my time and ran slow and steady. I also managed to record it 😉 Here’s my Douro Doings 10km VLOG (watch time 5:08). As with all my MF’s Post Run Rants, there is a message. I hope you enjoy!

Another take home message: I’m much more of a 5km girl;)