Happy #FitnessFriday, Get Fit Army!


Another week, another (huge) milestone. Earlier this week you may have seen a post on the Get Fit with Jer Facebook page that  showed you that for the first time since 2001(!) I’m officially in the size 30 range for pants.

That moment when you sit there and say I hate shopping

And realize something you never thought would ever happen again and be down in the 30’s range

Posted by Get Fit With Jer on Monday, September 26, 2016

If you would’ve told me last September that I’d achieve this landmark, I wouldn’t have believed you at all – and yet here we are! This is truly a lesson that anyone’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint. I’ve accomplished a lot in the past 13+ months, and this is another box checked off.

This last year hasn’t been all water and salads, I promise! I truly believe I’m beginning to find a balance between the craziness of my life and my personal wellness goals. I’ve learned how to fuel my body with so much goodness, but to take the time to allow that treat – discipline is one of the major keys to my success.

I was stopped by someone who’s following my journey, and they congratulated me on being 91lbs(!) lost and what was next. I responded that my journey isn’t over yet – it’s a lifestyle change, NOT A DIET!

Over the month of October, we’ll be posting some of our “Best Of” Get Fit blogs in preparation for the next wave of this healthy journey. We have some amazing activities lined up, including horseback riding, speed skating and so much more! Thanks so much for all of the love and support – the Get Fit Army is alive and well for sure!  We also have a fun contest idea that involves photographers.  Watch this VLOG with me and the MF crew and if you know any photographers or fun activities you think we should try let us know! The outline for the photographer challenge is below!

FITNESSSSS FRIDAY!!! Get Fit With Jer reaches ANOTHER major milestone AND we want some photographers!!! If you know one or are one…message me!!

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Friday, September 30, 2016

We are searching for 4-5 photographers who want to be featured on michelleferreri.com. 

We want creative pictures of MF and Jer with a fitness and wellness theme.  The photographer will bring their vision and creative idea to MF & Jer (scene/genre/costume/location) and we will work together to organize it.

The pics will then be featured on michelleferreri.com and social media platforms for the public to vote which is their favourite!  Each photographer will get an opportunity to be featured in MF’s Drive By with links to their website and social media platforms.

Please submit a maximum of TWO photos (of your favourite work)  to MF at hello@michelleferreri.com, and Jer and I will pick the top 5 to be featured in the MF & Jer Fitness Friday Photoshoot!! 

Deadline to enter is Friday October 14, 2016.

Good Luck!







  • Awesome work, Jer! In 2011 I started my “life style” change- I told no one, I was doing it for me! I was over 200 pounds and completely uncomfortable. You are so right about finding balance and it is a marathon. Michelle, maybe this could be my next blog for you! Way to go Jer! Nothing tastes as good as being fit, except pie, pie is pretty good;)