We are just days away from back to school, but can I tell you my back to school shopping secret?


Here’s my reasons:

  • September is waaaay too hot for hoodies and snugly clothes.
  • You don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing, so you need to see what everyone is wearing before you go shopping.
  • The deals are way better after school starts.

SOOOO Behind Closed Doors is a perfect opportunity to solve all those issues, plus it is my tween daughter’s yearly shopping highlight, so it’s a great opportunity to bond before she completely transforms into someone I don’t know aka a teenager.

Behind Closed Doorstix

For those that don’t know, Behind Closed Doors is Peterborough’s Shopping Event of the Year at Lansdowne Place.  This year, it’s happening on Saturday September 10th 7:30-10:30m.  You pay $5 for a ticket (ALL PROCEEDS FROM TICKET SALES GO TO 10 LOCAL CHARITIES), that $5 ticket gets you through “Behind Closed Doors” where retailers offer major discounts and shopping deals! It’s a total blast and a super fun community event.  Think Black Friday shopping excitement but with the undercurrent and energy of helping charities and people who truly deserve it.

Kathy Neill, Executive Director at Peterborough’s John Howard Society and I.
For the past few weeks we have featured the local charities on my monthly MF @ the LP VLOG.  This week we visited two charities, one with the CUTEST KIDS EVER and the other that is tackling a major issue in a positive way (think Zac Efron and Seth Rogen in the movie Neighbours).


Watch this VLOG (watch time 3:17) and get your ticket!  They’re available at Lansdowne Place Customer Service and at all of the participating charities.

Art school of Peterborough and The John Howard SocietyBehind Closed Doors is next week!
Are you wondering what the The Art School of Peterborough and The John Howard Society would do with your $5 donation? Watch this MF at the LP to find out!

Thank you to our Behind Closed Doors sponsors The Wolf 101.5 FM, CHEX TV, and 1005 Fresh Radio

Posted by Lansdowne Place Mall on Wednesday, August 31, 2016