Who doesn’t remember Hal Johnston and Joanne McLeod of Body Break? 


Jer and I thought it would be fun to recreate the epic photos from the 90’s and do a Body Break photoshoot.  



Pat Jilesen of www.patjilesenphotography, who is primarily a landscape photographer jumped on board with our idea, AND even supplied the bananas. 



Bellies and babies along with  Re-Newall Fitness supplied the location.  Needless to say we had fun! Pat was great to work with! 


If you want to see a banana in Jer’s pocket you will have to contact Pat directly.  We made him lock up those photos;)  



How awesome does Jer look?!! I love this pic!
This is how we think most of the Body Break shoots REALLY were;)

Thanks Pat! We’re going to have a Drive By with Pat in the new year! If you have any photography questions leave them below and I’ll get him to answer them!!



  • OMG I use to cringe when I heard the music come on!!
    Your pictures are hilarious, had me in stitches scrolling through.
    The new improved “Body Break” team of Jer and Michelle. I think you guys would give Hal and Joanne a run for their money.

  • does he do family photos ? we haven’t had ours done in a while and am searching for a photographer.