How is Santa NOT stressed?  What’s the hottest game of the season and what’s the gift that gives back 10 fold? 

Watch this week’s MF @ the LP and have ALL these questions answered, plus meet the CUTEST little girl ever! (watch time under 3 minutes) 

MF @ The LP Holiday ShoppingIn this MF @ the LP Santa Claus took time out from his busy schedule to chat with Michelle Ferreri, she also finds gifts that will please everyone on your list!

Posted by Lansdowne Place Mall on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

BTW, this is what I bought myself while Christmas shoppping (everyone buys themselves a gift while shopping right?!)

I’m a major impulse buyer when I’m cold! I buy warm clothes, coats, hats, carves and mitts! I love this sweater from RW&Co.



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