My son finally found his thing, I thought.

We recently tried skiing during a family getaway weekend and he loved it, so I enrolled him in lessons at a hill closer to our home.

He was so excited… and I was so nervous.

I knew if he didn’t have a positive experience it could leave a bitter taste in his mouth and he may not ever pursue the sport. Unfortunately, it turns out my fears were warranted, but there is a bit of a happy ending. Here’s the story and the lesson I learned.

How a Ski School Turned me Into An Angry Mama Bear

MF’s Post Workout Rant: The balance between advocating for your child and not turning into a mama bear lunatic….*I must note these lessons were not at Sir Sam’s where we had a super positive experience.

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Sunday, January 15, 2017

As mad as I was in that moment, I still found the humour that I had one VERY strong willed kid who knew he wasn’t ready for that hill and instead, chose to walk down a ski hill in ski boots.

On the way home that night he said to me, “You know Mom, I knew I wasn’t ready for that giant hill, how did they not know?”

Another really important moment I want to point out in this story is what my son THOUGHT I was going to say when he came barrelling down the hill like the HULK.  He told me he thought I was going to be disappointed in him for not skiing down the hill and walking.  The moment I said to him “You did nothing wrong, this is not your fault, they put you in the wrong group”, he completely diffused.  If I had of yelled at him or disciplined him, I don’t think he would have ever skied again.

But we will be back.



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