New year, new you right? 

It’s great to have goals, but I will be honest, the new year has nothing to do with when you are ready to change your fitness and wellness lifestyle, you are ready when you are ready.

But for some people, a “date” is a great motivator to get going.  

I’ve given birth three times.  I gained almost 80lbs with each pregnancy, and I can assure you NONE of my babies weighed 80 pounds!  Losing the weight was tough.  Keeping it off is tough, but if you want it you will get it.  I used to look like this: 



Then I looked like this: 

If I had a dollar for every person who felt compelled to tell me how huge I was, I would be a millionaire. PLEASE DON’T TELL A PREGNANT WOMAN SHE IS HUGE! WE HAVE MIRRORS OK!!!!!

I loved fitness before I had kids, and that made loving fitness after I had kids a lot easier.  I love eating healthy, but it still took a whole year after the babies were born to lose the weight.  That’s one thing I will tell all post partum Mom’s, be patient and consistent.  Your body is not getting enough sleep to restore and recover.  Take your time!! My husband and I recently joined the gym again.  I haven’t weight trained in years, and I’ll be honest, it feels good!!   ​

But our kids are older, now, we have the freedom to go together for an hour while our oldest babysits.  It’s been a long time coming, but it is awesome.  

We went to the gym on New Years Day and recorded this live video.  I share my tips for success and also if you live in my neck of the woods, there’s an opportunity to win personal training.

Simple Fitness Tips Plus a Chance to Win Personal TrainingNew Year New You: Win Personal Training with Lakefield Athletic Club

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Sunday, January 1, 2017


To WIN personal training from LAC:

  1. Like LAC Facebook page, by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Tell us your story, why do you want to win personal training?  Comment below or on the LAC Facebook page!
  3. GOOD LUCK!!

If you don’t live close enough to win this personal training, let us know some things you would love us to feature on the blog in terms of fitness and wellness and we will do our best to help you!


Happy New Year and good luck on your fitness and wellness jouney.





  • I would absoulty love love love to win this:) I gained 75 pounds during my pregnancy and am finding it extremely hard to lose it:) im always up for good advice and always willing to try new things to help me – Having a personal trainer would be perfect for me because I always strive to get postive results and I know they would give me the motivation to do so:) Thanks for the amazing chance

  • I would love to win this! I have had back issues for over a year now, and I just keep putting on weight as I am not very active. I would love a personal trainer to help me lose this weight and show me the correct ways to work out without injuring my back further.

  • I’d love to win but don’t live close enough.
    Things I struggle with and would like to see are: -quick and easy meals for incredibly picky eaters; we don’t eat dinner till 7 30pm as my youngest is at jujitsu -workouts to do at home and how do I know I’m doing them properly -staying motivated!!!

  • I would love to win this! In the past 7 years I have birth four kids; two of my own and two surrogate pregnancies. I am ready to claim my body back so I can have the energy and confidence to be the person I want to be. I don’t even know where to start!

  • Hey Michelle,

    I’ve very much enjoyed the videos you’ve been posting lately from the Lakefield Athletic Club. My sister, Sara, and I joined up with the LAC in November and have been getting our sweat on a few times a week ever since. (BTW, we’ve affectionately named the mannequin, “Mannequin Skywalker”. We work out at night and he startles the heck out of us almost every time we’re there.)

    I’m a total newbie to working out at a gym. This is my first gym membership ever. I’ve never seen myself as an athletic person and gyms have always intimidated me beyond belief. I credit my amazing sister with encouraging me and motivating me to treat my body well through exercise. She’s my person. We’re both busy mamas to a total of 5 phenomenal kiddos. Our lives are hectic and it can be really hard to carve out time to go to the gym, but it’s always SO worth it when we do.

    I really connected to your most recent video about taking small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. My mantra from the start has been, “The something I’m doing today is better than the nothing I was doing yesterday.” I truly believe small steps add up to big victories.

    When we began this journey I couldn’t do a sit up. Not one. Two abdominal surgeries in my youth plus two c-sections did a number on my core. I honestly didn’t believe I was capable of doing even one, but with the help of my sister I can now do 20 and counting! We even add a medicine ball in for a challenge when we’re feeling ambitious. Accomplishments like this one keep me going back for more. I love discovering what my body can do!

    I would be so happy to see my sister win some personal training sessions. She’s strong and determined, and I really think some one-on-one support would take her workouts to a whole new level. And man, does she deserve it. She’s a fantastic mom to 3 wonderful kids, she’s gone back to school to pursue a career she’s passionate about, and she still finds time to give back and taking care of others. A gift of personal training sessions would help her so much in her journey (and I’d be happy to benefit from any new knowledge gained!).

    Thank you for listening to my story and for being such a positive inspiration to those of us taking steps toward better health in 2017!


  • After nearly a year since having my daughter the scale hasn’t budged since she was a month old – physically I accepted it as I know my kids would love me at any size – it wasn’t till lately I knew I had to make a change and get my old self back, I worked so so so hard prior to getting pregnant with my daughter and was able to loose 33lbs with the help of a personal trainer but times change and so do finances with having children & becoming a stay at home mom. I mentally feel stuck and that I need an extra push to get this weight off.

  • I think a lot of us moms leave ourselves for last! I myself gained an enormous amount of weight during my 3rd pregnancy and unfortunately this was a baby who would never make it home. My son Archer was born April 18 2012 and I was advised at 20 weeks to terminate my pregnancy due to a neural tube deffeciency which was never an option for me! After the birth the pain of not brining my baby home from the hospital was unbearable. I distanced myself from friends and became very lonely and Secluded. Not having a new baby left me completely not motivated and the weight I gained from this pregnancy never left! I now have 4 children early last year I gave birth to my rainbow baby and she has helped heal my heart but the weight remains! Help me kick some ass in 2017 continue to bury the hurt and focus on myself and those happy endopheins I so need! Every hard working momma I know deserves this !!! Best of luck everyone

  • I am currently pregnant with my second child and I’m terrified that I won’t get to back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I get told all the time how hard it is and I’ve witnessed friends struggle to get it off. I would love to win this because I know myself and I will have no motivation to get back into working out. I barely had any motivation to workout before I was pregnant and being fit makes me happy.

  • I would like to leave a comment for my sister in law Amy eves. She lives in lakefield and raises a terminally I’ll son Randy. The family encounters many hardships and trips to sick kids to keep fighting his illiness. Randy suffers for CHEDIAK HIGOSHI syndrome which basically means born without an immune system. I would love to see Amy win this as she lays her own needs aside daily to make sure Randy’s are met! Staying in a hospital the first 3 years of Randy life Amy has struggled with taking care of randy and finding time for herself. Please if at all possibly this is a family who is more than deserving of a little Zen time ! Thank you ❤️️

  • Where to begin! Was the fittest I’d ever been when I got pregnant! Gained 65 pounds and still always had 20 pounds that I never lost… now 4.5 years later, my daughter is still not a sleep through the night kid, and I am up another 20 pounds! The lack of sleep definitely takes its toll;( I need the structure of a program… I did many boitcamps when I lived in BC and it just worked having someone kick my butt! It was amazing but with no time and not much energy it’s very difficult! I’m extremely eager and willing to do the work, commit to the pain and the struggle of workouts and eating right! I would love this opportunity! It’s definitely time for me! I’m feeling it and needing a change and this is the time for me! With or without this help I am joining a gym so I will see where this will take me:) I need 40 pounds of post baby, stress and old life to go away so I can make way for the new one ahead!

  • 6.5 years ago I quit smoking for health reasons. My kids said they would rather have me gain weight then smoke. Well the weight has certainly gone on. The older I get the harder it seems it is to lose the extra pounds. Having someone to keep me accountable and give me direction would be fantastic.

  • I am entering this contest as it is exavtly what I need. I am not more deserving then anyone else and probably want it just as bad as anyone else but I am entering with this story. Y. I had a baby in 2015 and gained weight but had always struggled with my body. I took it into my own hands and lost 27 lbs. I then went through the worst time of my life during a traumatic experience . I fell off track as I couldn’t function physically or mentally. Since then I have gained 14 back and I am having a hard time . I work two jobs to support my family as my husband is off work. It’s expensive to join a gym right now but I have much drive to loose weight however a personal trainer is not in my budget. Thank you so much for this chance.

  • I think any of the above women should really win this over me but I’m going to enter just because whenever I go to a gym I’m just overwhelmed by all the equipment and don’t know where to start or what is best for me so I think a personal trainer could show me this.

  • I don’t live near Lakefield, so I can’t enter, but it’s a great giveaway. It took me about a year to loose my post babtyweight as well, and it was only 20 lbs. And I also agree that small steps is the right way to get to a healthy weight. Good luck to all those entering the giveaway!