I have been searching for over a year for that “next level” skin care with someone I trust. My face is my brand and I have no intention of changing it, but I do want it to look great. I am 37 years old and I’ve noticed a big change in my skin (primarily my face) in the last 18 months.

I’m very excited to say I have recently partnered with a medical spa, Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic.

A medical spa is different from a day spa in that it is under the supervision of a highly trained and specialized medical doctor such as a plastic surgeon. Medical spas can treat conditions on your face and body like wrinkles, loss of volume, brown spots, redness, scarring, broken capillaries, skin tightening and many more treatments that cannot be treated at all or as effectively by a traditional esthetician.

In essence medical spa treatments are deeper in the skin and more invasive.

I met with a few clinics, but Jennifer DeCarlo at Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic fit me.

I suggest when you are looking for anyone in the esthetics field that you have a good relationship with them.  You have to trust them.

After a few meetings with Jen and candid honest dialogue I knew I could trust her. I know call her my “Skin MOM.”

We are now working through my custom skin treatment plan she designed. If you missed our first video on washing your face properly and how NOT to use makeup remover wipes, you can watch HERE.

The next treatment she has introduced me to is EXILIS ELITE.  

Exilis ELITE by BTL Industries is an advanced FDA-approved treatment to restore collagen to tighten tissue and reduce and eliminate pockets of fat. Exilis uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to achieve younger-looking tighter skin.

Photos courtesy of Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic

I had my lower face treated to tighten the skin. It took about 45 minutes and I noticed results right after. Jen told me it will take about 3 treatments to see the full results and will last for four to six months. The cost of the treatment was $250 (prices vary spa to spa). Exilis is not just for your face, the reason it is raging popular right now is because it can treat anywhere there is loose skin and excess fat (including treating cellulite!)

  • Full face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Inner thighs
  • Love handles
  • Abdomen
  • Upper/lower back fat
  • Saddle bags

I’ve convinced Jen to give my belly a treatment before we hit the beach the end of February for a family trip!

Ok so you wanna see the treatment I had on my face?  Watch this VLOG (watch time under 5 minutes) and let me know if you have any questions!!

*This post is sponsored by Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic but all opinions are mine.

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  • How long in between the initial treatments?
    I think the twice per year was for maintenance, is that right?
    Your skin did look great today.