She’s one of the most genuine and kindest souls you could ever meet. 

She also has the voice of an angel. 

After doing community theatre for years, Kate Suhr took the leap to make theatre a full time career. 

Her story is inspiring. She took a risk and it paid off. Shortly after taking the leap, Kate landed a huge role: Ariel. 

Yes she became apart of that world. Here’s our Drive By about how hard it was, how much money she’s making, the roles she’s landed since Ariel and what’s cooking on the burner right now! (watch time just under 13 minutes!) Sit back, turn up the volume and get inspired to follow your dreams!

MF’s Drive By: Being Apart of Kate Suhr’s WorldHer story is so inspiring, her spirt is pure sweetness and her voice is like an angel! I waited a long time to get Ariel in my Pathfinder! For the full info on Kate Suhr and when she is performing in Secret Garden and how to get tickets click HERE –>

Posted by Michelle Ferreri on Thursday, January 5, 2017

If you want to see Kate in PodiumConcerts upcoming production of The Secret Garden, click HERE for tickets.