Every big idea takes a lot of planning. Every big idea needs a LOT of support. Working toward regularly scheduled passenger flights from the Peterborough Airport is a big idea that Scott Stewart and his partner Dana and their team at Carlson Wagonlit Stewart Travel are working very hard on and their perseverance is paying off in a big way.

Did you know they have five charter flights from the Peterborough Airport scheduled for 2017?

I’m really excited to announce that I will be travel vlogging for their upcoming Peterborough charter flight to New York City April 27-30. You might remember my last trip with them when we flew from Peterborough to New Orleans!

So, what exactly does it take to bring regular passenger flights to the Peterborough Airport?

I’m continually shocked at the amount of people who DON’T know these charter flights exist. I also am surprised at the number of people who don’t know how complicated it is to bring passenger flights to YPQ.

Since a lot of you had comments and questions about the process and the long term goal, I thought I would get the answers from the horse’s mouth and do an MF’s Trans Canada Nissan Drive By with Scott Stewart!

Sidenote: I had NO idea when I decided to do this that Scott and I LOVE the same artists.  Turn up the volume and learn how you can help spread the word about this incredible trailblazing project!

So, who wants to come to NYC with us? The air only option is an AMAZING deal!

How about flying from Peterborough to Newfoundland this June? Or to Cleveland for a Jays game in July? Or to Old Quebec City in September? Maybe Charleston in October?

You can click here to see all the information about upcoming passenger flights from the Peterborough Airport. Pack your bags!

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  • Boston 2016
    definitely the best short getaway ever !!!
    anyone thinking of one of these fabulous trips needs to look past the initial cost because you will return wondering how can it be done that cheap. there are so many bonuses about flying out of Peterborough and Carlson Wagonlit team are second to none. They do not quit from start to finish.
    I can’t even begin to explain the organization and care that these people put into making sure everyone has the best experience possible.
    try it – you will love it – I guarantee you will thank them when you return to Peterborough – just like I am..

  • I have heard of this and only wish this could be expanded to everyday flights to many places in Canada and the world – we need an airport on the east side of Toronto as Pearson is too far to drive to and to have a more local airport would be great