I think we all know we need to be mindful of our environment, but some inspiration and motivation is always welcome and helpful.

I met Jessica Correa a few years back and I knew she was going to be a star. Her positive energy and passion to make our environment better is contagious. She started her own business just a year ago after getting her Masters from Trent University in sustainability studies.

Jess launched Random Acts of Green with a mission to positively inspire environmental change.

And she’s on a roll!

Her business was recently recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change as an agent of change.

She has big dreams.

She’s not a fan of gas fuelled cars, but she also understands that people need transportation to live and manage their lives productively.

So I suggested driving an electric car!

Jess had never driven an electric car… nor had I. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the Nissan Leaf.

Trans Canada Nissan also happens to be the proud sponsor for MF’s Drive By’s so it was great fit.

Watch this week’s Drive By (under 10 minutes) and listen to Jess’ simple ways you can be the change and also see how I would be as a driving instructor 😉

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