I love travelling, but I always budget for more than the actual cost of the trip!

Some women are low maintenance and can pack a carry-on and just get on a plane, but I’m sadly not one of those people.

It’s a lot of work for me to get ready to travel.

Thankfully, I have a great salon: Salon Sorella & Day Spa in Lakefield that I love working with and they are up to the challenge;)

If you know your travel date, I recommend making your appointment at least three weeks in advance to make sure you can fit everything in. There are five things I like to do before I hop on a plane (or drive or on a train:)  Ideally I like to fit it all into one day, which is a full day commitment for me!

Here’s my typical pre-travel beauty prep ritual (which is exactly what I did before my most recent trip to Punta Cana):

1. Hair Colour

Fresh hair colour always makes me feel put together.

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2. Sugaring

Honestly, it lasted me two weeks and I really like it for the longevity! I’ll be 100% honest here and tell you that I’m not a fan during the actual sugaring procedure, but it’s LESS painful than waxing.

3. Pedicure

Hello, sandals!

4. Manicure

A must.

5. Spray Tan

I love the St Tropez spray tan and it smells great too! I love to do this the day before we leave, it’s awesome because it gets darker and darker.  When I first put on my bathing suit or shorts I feel like I’ve already been sunkissed!

I asked all of you what your pre-travel beauty routines looked like, and thank you to everyone who commented (click the link to read the comments).

I’m jealous of the people who just get on a jet plane, but I do love feeling “glam” when I travel so the prep is worth it for me.  On average, I would say I budget about $300 for everything, from head to toe.

Some of the other things that I love to get before I travel, that aren’t in the list above, include:

  • A gym membership 😬
  • Bathing suits
  • Sunglasses
  • Books
  • Sunscreen
  • And those who know me well, know I’ll NEVER pass up the opportunity to buy a new pair of shoes 😉


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