I had a chat with a friend a few days ago and she’s on the cusp of starting a business and striking out on her own. She asked me, “Michelle, how did you handle the naysayers?”

And so I shared some advice that really helped me when I was going through the same transition.

The thing is, the people who are closest to you are going to critique the most. Change is hard and people who care about you a LOT are going to have genuine concerns about the big thing you’re about to do.

But here’s how you can handle it.

Don’t TELL them.

SHOW them.

Stop worrying about convincing the people around you that your idea is great. You KNOW it’s great and now you just have to SHOW them what you can create.

I think naysayers are actually one of the greatest driving forces that push us to work even harder. Be glad that there are people in your life who are that passionate about you.

Use it.

Channel it.

Make it happen.

Watch the video for more advice (and to see me walking my tripod dog, Dexter!)