Is Retinol A Miracle Cream?

A few days ago, I stopped by to chat with the ladies at the Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic because I had some questions about retinol cream and I wanted to share their expertise with YOU guys!

So, we did a Facebook live video and here are some of the questions we got to the bottom of:

  • What is retinol?
  • What does it do and how does it work?
  • How often should I use it?
  • Will it help with fine lines?
  • How should I start?

And soooo much more.

You’ll also hear my retinol story and the horrible mistake I made the first time I tried it out. Seriously, do NOT do what I did! 😉

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I always love talking to these two about skincare! They really do know it all and they answered some of your awesome questions in this video, including whether it’s every too late to get better looking, healthier skin (and I know you’re gonna love the answer!)


Watch the video above to find out how to enter the giveaway (I tell you exactly how to enter in the video, so be sure to click over to the Facebook video and watch to the end). One lucky winner is going to get a free facial at the Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic and they’ll get to experience retinol first hand! Giveaway ends April 12th.

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  • I would love some help with my skin I have had a stressful year dealing with My husband and my Mom’s illnesses as well as a very demanding job as PSW . I think it’s all showing on my face lol So Help!

  • Loved this vlog and the information in it. I have had facials in the past, but it all seemed so “superficial and commercial”, meaning it was nice, but they really wanted me to buy their products. I got a lot more info from your video than a live visit at a spa! Thank you Michelle, you are really making a difference!