With eight children at home and another one on the way, you might not expect the feeling of peace and contentment that hits you the moment you walk through their front door. But it’s there.

Six of the eight kids perform in The Next Generation Leahy, a Celtic inspired genre that has wowed audiences across North America.

Each child plays a whack of instruments.

They all sing.

They all dance.

They are all incredible.

I’m not kidding, every single one of them is gifted and they all LOVE music.

The kids come from a rich history of musical talent. Their Dad, Doug Leahy was a member of LEAHY, their Mom, Jennifer is also a beautiful musician who plays multiple instruments. Jennifer, who does not like the spotlight is an incredible leader. Both her and Doug amaze me at the way they encourage and lead their kids but give them the space to express themselves.

It was very inspiring to be in their home and experience how whole their family dynamic is. While I was talking to Adele, the oldest child, the youngest woke from her nap and came running to sit with her fourteen year old sister!

I often get asked by my friends who have one child, how I have three. I always tell them, having more kids can be easier. Spending time with the Leahy family, you get a true understanding of that. As you see in the video, they genuinely encourage each other. I loved watching them work together to decide who would dance first or what act they should perform.

They are genuine, kind people with an infectious love of music. They love to share their gift with the world, and I am so happy I could VLOG my time with them to share with you! Hope you enjoy!

If you want to know more about the family or where they are performing next you can check out their website here.

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  • I had the pleasure of attending an incredible performance with this amazing family in Picton Ontario on Family Day 2016 & cherished every minute of it! I am 100% Irish & would love to take my family to experience it as we have music in our blood & it truly feeds the soul. Keep up the amazing work! Cheers
    Mary-Lou Morden