How many times have your kids complained about the food you buy? How often do they complain about what you prepare for their lunches? Their breakfast? Their dinner? How often does one kid want one thing for dinner but the other ones want something totally different?

Well it was happening more and more in our house, so we had an idea.


Yep! Our kids (aged 13, 10 and 7) were each given $55 to spend for the week. They were given meal sheets to help prepare and plan for the week before they went shopping.

What Happened When Our Kids Had To Get Their Own Groceries?

We didn’t give them a time restriction, they brought their calculators and away they went with their carts and meal plans.

My husband and I recorded the adventure… watch the vlog above!

What Happened When Our Kids Had To Get Their Own Groceries?

So how did they do?

Did they stick to using only their groceries? Did they eat out? Did they borrow from each other? Did they have enough to last the week?

We will have part two of this #getyourowngroceries campaign, sponsored by Morello’s Independent Grocer, coming up soon. Thanks for watching, commenting, and sharing!

We have been really impressed with the kids thus far, they are taking this campaign very seriously. I would encourage all parents to try this. My only suggestion is the 7 year old needed a bit more guidance. He got pretty stressed out in the store wondering if he would have enough food and struggling with really wanting his snow crab! He decided it was a non-negotiable item. He took back bananas, apples, a mango, Bits & Bites, and gum for his $27.64 snow crab!

Big decisions!

It’s amazing how mature our kids are when you give them the freedom and space to make good decisions. They really did buy nutritional food.

Click here to watch Part 2!

What Happened When Our Kids Had To Get Their Own Groceries?