Recently, I asked a question on my Facebook page: Is it rude to wear a hat at the table? I had a feeling people would be pretty polar on this question, but I had no idea how much.

Here are a few of the responses:

“I don’t think it’s rude…I absolutely respect those who abide by this rule. I just wonder why? What is wearing a hat at the table saying to others? What is this hat saying that’s rude? I could never understand this rule?!?!”

“Very rude and disrespectful!!! I see kids at school with hats on too. I know when my Dad taught at SSFC he made the kids take them off or leave the class. I even make my daughter take her hat/toque off at the table.”

“I think at a restaurant or a nice family meal, probably don’t wear a hat. But at home, if I’m having a crap hair day and I’ve got a baseball cap on, I’m not too concerned. I don’t know that it’s necessarily rude, but you look like a bit of a prat wearing a hat at a table in public haha.”

“I was taught hats off when you come in the house, and never at a restaurant table.”

“I was raised with no hats at the table as well…now that I am a grown up and make my own rules in my household I allow it. When we have company he tends to removed it out of respect for them. Honestly there is more things to worry about.”

“It was instilled in me that hats were not to be worn indoors at all by men. For ladies it is permissible, if it is a fashion hat (not a baseball-type cap). It literally makes me nuts to sit in a restaurant and see men eating with hats on. As well, at sporting events during the National Anthem so many men stand and leave their hats on that it’s appalling.”

“I have the same complaint with the people who are too disrespectful to remove their hat when the anthem is being played. Shame on them.”

“Women wear hat at the table, Men take off their hats when they enter a home.”

“I was raised with absolutely no hats at the table anytime of the day, no matter where were. My boyfriend, now husband would get it taken right off his head if he wore it by my mom. She was not shy to enforce her rules. My husband complies when we are with my parents but does wear it at home, as do our children. Sometimes I will ask them to remove it. Overall not really my rule but we respect others and their rules.”

Is It Rude To Wear A Hat At The Table?

It was interesting to see people from all different age groups weighing in on the topic.

We ended up chatting about it a lot at home… so I decided to shoot a quick vlog with my husband. Have a watch and let me know what you think! (The ending still makes me laugh!)