People make a lot of mistakes when it comes to putting on makeup, but it’s less about how they are applying it, and more about WHAT they are applying.

I recently switched my makeup products after a recommendation from my skin Mama, Jen, at Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic, and I absolutely love them.

Of course, I wanted to share them with you, so my sweet Irish Assistant, Niamh, agreed to be our model so you can watch the magic happen… up close and personal! She got a facial and her makeup done by Jen.

Watch the vlog to learn more about why I’m obsessed with these products (especially this stuff!), why big mistakes people make when they choose their makeup, and see Niamh’s skin transformation!

Giveaway time!

In honour of Mother’s Day, Jen has offered to give away a makeover from Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic to a Mom and Daughter! Please comment below and tell us a bit about your makeup routine and why you want to win! Our winner will be announced on May 14, 2017 aka Mother’s Day!

Good luck!



  • My makeup routine starts with washing my face with an acne cleanser, applying spf 30 moisturizer, mascara and lipgloss. I want to win because it would be fun to get makeover with my daughter who is also my best friend.

  • I never go a day without makeup. I wash my face well then use Avon Rich Moisture cream. After that I put on a foundation. Followed by pressed powder and blush. I also use eye makeup and lipstick. I can’t do anything about getting older but I refuse to throw in the towel and not try! I feel as though I’ve done pretty much the same thing with my makeup for years. But, as I age I realize my makeup application should change. I just don’t really know “what or how ” I should change?? I would really appreciate some advice!! My daughter I’m sure would appreciate a few tips too. Please….. I need help!! 😩

  • Never had a facial so it would be amazing, only wear makeup on special occasions because my skin is so dry makeup flakes off so would love some advice on dry skin!

  • I am entering the makeover give away. I am a new mom with my daughter being 11 weeks. My routine is very simple and sadly most days all I get in is under eye concealer (have to cover up those come get me some sleep eyes) snd it doesn’t cover very well and mascara. I have never been able to do much in way of make up (tried but don’t know what I am doing ha) I have been using the same products for years but not getting the results I would like but do not know where the start. I have always been good about sun safety and think it’s amazing if you can buy makeup with it in it. Before being a mom I didn’t think too much about what I put on or in my body of in now I think it’s really important to see what ingredients are in these products etc that we use daily. With mothers day around the corner this make over would be great for my mother as well. My mother is truly amazing. She does so much for those around her without asking anything in return. She is who I strive to be as a mother. Thank you for giving kthis opportunity, I appreciate your videos, blog etc as a new mom your reviews are great to watch and to read about and now I know about my community and what services are provided 😊

  • I have never ever had a make over and would to know what to do to keep my face young . I am older so maybe 2 late lol

  • Would love this with my mom! 💗
    I wear make up everyday! Don’t feel like myself without make up. I used a daily facial scrub, moisturizer,a foundation and powder to try and control shine.
    Would love to switch over to Glo Minerals with a little lesson and recommendation from Jen! 😍

  • I have tried no less than 5 different (high end) foundations this past year. I just can’t seem to find the perfect match for my skin type, as well as my under eye darkness and those damn signs of aging. Coming up on 45 this year, and my skin is changing and I am not sure what to do with it. I truly need a re-do, as I know it is time for a serious shake up with not only my make up, but also my skin care routine, which I fully admit is not consistent enough. I also admit, I am a total junkie when it comes to trying product, but have yet to find the winner. Quite frankly, I am tired of all the wasted money, so the guidance and recommendations could be truly life changing! I would be thrilled to win a make over for my 17 yr old daughter, she has beautiful skin and I would love to help her keep it that way (plus prom is coming and I know she needs a pick me up, being a girl is tough some days). Thanks for the chance ladies! I love these segments, so fun and so informative!

  • Having just had a baby less than a week ago my routine had become super simple – BB cream, mascara and lip gloss.

    I wash my face morning and night and use a moisturizer with SPF in the am and a night cream in the evening.

  • I am a 41 yr old mum of 3. I was never taught how to put on makeup properly until about 1 yr ago by my oldest daughter and my best friend. I didn’t ever wear any primer or foundation. Just eye make up and lipstick. And had a bad habit of never washing my face before bed. So this would be fun to actually get some real instruction. And have one of my girls join me.

  • I use very little makeup. Being a Senior, we did not tend to use a lot of makeup…just moisturizer, mascara and lipstick. I could really use someone to teach me the right makeup to use and also how to apply it. This would be a REAL treat for myself and daughter in law

  • I would love to win the mother daughter makeover! My daughter who is entering grade 9 in the fall and I who just turned 40. Would be a great experience for us. We currently use elf products and have never really been shown a proper routine except what we watch on you tube or find on pinterest.

  • My mum taught me at a young age how to properly care for my skin. She is never and was never one to wear a pile of make up. She stuck to the essentials. A nice red lip, blush and a foundation. She’s genuinely a true beauty inside and out.
    Lately she’s been dealing with stresses at home, and taking care of my dad as he’s been having some health issues. She looks so stressed and tired all of the time these days because she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders. It would be wonderful to have her feel rested and rejuvenated and have a little bit of TLC for herself with a make over!
    She always taught me less is more with make up, but never when it comes to those you love. You always do the most.
    It would be lovely to do this together with her 🙂

  • I do wear makeup everyday and moisturize . I would love to win for my mom I had bought her some serums and cream for Christmas and she was having an reaction. My mom has had 2 back surgerys and is always there to help me and my family I would love to treat her to something special

  • I wear makeup often, I wash and moisture my face and then put foundation on and concealer and mascara not much and I’ve been trying to teach my mom how to do it and I’d love for my mom to get a facial, I think she works very hard and it would be a great way for her to relax from all the amazing things she does for my family.

  • I would love to win this for my Mom and I! Living two hours apart from one another we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like and when we do she of course wants to spend as much time with my son as possible! But it would be so nice for the two of us to experience this together! Neither my Mom or I have ever done anything like this! My Mom is my best friend and she is so deserving of this opportunity!
    I’m a busy Mom of an 18 month old, expecting our second child in the fall and work in childcare. Needless to say my life is run by small children and my makeup routine tells you that. I use night cream, and in the morning I use BB Cream and mascara. I don’t have a clue what type of makeup to wear or how to apply it. A couple years ago when I confessed to Mom that at 25 years of age I still had no idea how to apply makeup she said she never thought to teach me because I am so beautiful I don’t need it (ohhhh what would we do without our Moms?! Haha)
    I would love to learn from a professional what will work best for myself! One of my students recently informed me that I should really wear makeup (Gotta love the brutal honesty of 4 year olds!)
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  • I facial routine at night is cleanser, toner, moisturizer. In the morning cleanser serum c, moisturizer, spf foundation, blush and lipstick. I seem to have allergies with product around my eyes. I would love a makeover with my amazing Mom. She hasn’t had a lot of time as late for herself and I think she needs it.