I love science.

A lot.

Science is EVERYWHERE and it’s one of my favourite things to explore with my kids!

The Ontario Science Centre works really hard to bring incredible, sensory and interactive exhibits to the centre regularly. From now until May 7th, you can check out Biomechanics: The Machine Inside with your family and I can’t recommend it enough.



But, don’t take my word for it, go see it! Go experience it!

How does a Toucan’s beak regulate its temperature?

How does a Venus Fly Trap detect between rainfall and prey?

How can a Hammerhead shark detect invisible prey?

How does a woodpecker not get brain damage?

What determines the strength of someone’s handshake?

Why is the Cheetah the fastest animal on two legs?

How do loggerhead sea turtles always know which direction to travel to find their mom who is 110,000 km away?

So many questions, and so many answers, just waiting for you at the Ontario Science Centre!

This is one place that I’ll never tire of taking my kids… and they love it every single time we go. It’s always changing and we’re always learning something new, and experiencing things we’ve never experienced before.


If you want a chance to win an amazing biomechanics prize pack, watch the vlog above, then comment on the video post and tell me why you want to experience this amazing exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre!

Prize pack includes:

  • General Admission for up to 5 people
  • 1 Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired by Nature ( hardcover)
  • 1 Toy Cheetah (small)
  • 1 500-piece giraffe puzzle
  • University of Waterloo notebook and pen
  • Ontario Science Centre Swag

We will announce the winner Monday April 24!

Thanks again to the Ontario Science Centre for partnering with me and allowing my children and myself to explore the wonder you offer inside your walls. Touch, smell, feel, explore, and ask why. It’s such a magical place!



  • This exhibit looks fascinating! I think it could also satisfy my little people’s constant questioning. Not to mention it would be a great way to spend some fun family time together!

  • This looks amazing. We always love the Science Centre. My 7 yr old daughter loves exploring how things work and she would totally be into this! Thanks Michelle!

  • Love science. My oldest is really great at science and the little tikes just old enough to get them started. Have t been to the TO science centre since I was in public school….that was a really long time ago. Needing some family time and this would give us the reason to go.

  • Our daughter Eliza just turned 4 and is more curious then ever! Eliza has had her share of hospital visits and blood work, and every visit comes with more questions about the body and how things work! She is beyond curious and it would be such a wonderful Treat for her. Also with a 15 year old brother we are always looking for things that would both enjoy and bond over ❤️ So thank you for this article, we can’t wait to go!

  • Love the science centre- haven’t been there for years but maybe it’s time! Who says I have to bring kids?!

  • I loved the science centre as a child/teen but yet haven’t had the opportunity to take my 2 daughters yet. Your family looks like they are enjoying it! My girls are 8 & 12 and I think they would love it now. Both always want to know “why” things happen and why they are the way they are. Exploring through hands on activities is such a great way to foster their learning and inquisitive minds. I’d be honoured to win this prize pack and be able to share such a unique experience with my family