This may come as a shocker to some people, but I am an extrovert.

I know, I can hear the gasps of shock. (Insert sarcasm emoticon here ;))

Ironically, many of my friends and family are introverts. I believe it is what the Chinese call the Yin to the Yang: We balance each other out, and I think it’s really important to understand how every person, young and old, processes life differently.

When we understand how someone thinks, we are less judgmental and more understanding.

Interviewing an introvert, with a fear of public speaking seems like an oxymoron, but luckily Pat Jilesen allowed me to share his brain and thoughts as an introvert with the internet.

Life As An Introvert In An Extrovert World

Watch this weeks MF’s Trans Canada Nissan Drive By and learn how Pat faced his fear head on with a global organization aimed at helping people overcome their fear of public speaking. You will also learn about Pat’s talents which are currently in display (until the end of April 2017) for the annual SPARK Photo Festival.

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