It’s always heartbreaking when a landmark store in a small town shuts down. But it’s heartwarming when a local talent decides to bring people together to tell their story and commemorate it in a film.

In this Drive By I’m chatting with Megan Murphy. She is a triple threat: radio host, actress, filmmaker. Megan is also hilarious and if you’ve met her for a moment, you already know how much she loves her community.

Big cities can’t exist without small cities. Even in a place like New York City, you see can how they’re trying to recreate community and small town vibe that we might have in a place like Douro, or Lakefield, or even Peterborough.

There’s a negative stigma about small towns, but when you’re in middle of a city like Toronto, do you know where people want to go? The suburbs. They move to the outside for community.

I truly believe that small town people and small town communities are so much more worldly and tolerant than big city people.

I also love what Megan says about shopping local:

“I love paying a little bit more for the quality of conversation… I know where their dollars go… and how they invest back in the rest of us and I want to be a part of that.”


Watch the vlog and check out the poster above to learn more about TOWNS END.

If you’re from a small town, what do you love about it? What would you change?


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