I recently made a big change to my hair.

I cut it!

I had extensions in my hair for over 8 months, and when I had them removed (watch the video here) I had one of my favourite treatments done. Watch the vlog above with my hair sponsor, Salon Sorella & Day Spa to see how easy and fast the application is. I try to get this treatment every time I colour my hair, so about every six weeks.

I also wanted to show you my favourite shampoo and conditioner:

I really do love the Kerastase line.

Let me know what your fave hair products are and if you’ve tried the Kerastase hair treatment. Whether you have or haven’t tried the treatment, comment below for a chance to win a treatment!



  • I haven’t tried this treatment. I love living proof, especially the restore perfecting spray

  • I haven’t ever tried this line. I’m always looking for new treatments and products. I have very dry and curly hair. I also have it coloured so it just makes it drier. Would love to try something like this!

  • I haven’t tried this line, but I would like to! I have thin curly hair and lots of it. My daughter has recently got me onto better products like Joico. Also Deva Care, no-poo shampoo lol.

  • I haven’t used it. Come to think of it is been a long time since I treated myself to a treatment… Before kids actually.. I used to always treat my hair… Now even haircuts are few and far between.. (sad face)

  • I am currently in the process of looking for a great hair product for my coloured hair and for my flyaways so I will definitely give the Kerastase shampoo and conditioner a try. I am also very excited to try the Kerastase booster hair treatment which lasts about 4 shampoos and no need to wait an hour or more for the treatment as it is instant. Sweeeeet!