14 months ago, Dave Roberts was given the grimest news.

After visiting the doctor about a cough that just wouldn’t go away, Dave was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. He was given an average of one year to live.

But there was a tiny glimmer of hope. A new drug was available for Dave’s type of cancer, but there was only a four percent chance he would qualify.

After genetic testing, Dave was given his first lottery ticket: he qualified for this new treatment.

He simply had to take two pills a day. He didn’t have to change anything. He could live his life just as he always did, if it worked.

Dave was given another lottery ticket when he learned the drug was working! He is now living with the cancer “turned off”.

Watch this week’s Trans Canada Nissan Drive By and learn what could happen to Dave at any time. Learn how Dave has stayed so positive, the crippling cost of this miracle drug and what message Dave wants everyone to hear in hopes to save other people’s lives who were given the same death sentence as him.

Dave has promised to keep us updated during his journey.


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