This week’s Monday Motivation rant is simple, but so hard to do.

Opportunity is EVERY where, but we often paralyze ourselves from seizing the moment because we are afraid of a simple two letter word.


If I was afraid of that word, I would have never found my path in life.

It’s a tough world when you don’t know what to do or what your “purpose” is.

But the only way to find out where you belong is to keep asking.

Recently my daughter and I were at a concert and she really wanted to meet the singer, I took her over to where I knew the singer was and said to my daughter, go over and ask for a picture.  She said “MOM I can’t!  What if she says NO?!

What if she says yes?

She missed her opportunity.

I’ve heard the word no more times than yes, and I would bet my bottom dollar all business people have as well.

Watch my rant about how this word is part of growth and almost always leads you to where you need to go.

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  • WOW, pretty inspiring video Michelle! I need to watch this every night before bed LoL..😎