High school is one of the biggest defining moments of our lives.  For some of us, it was the best time of our life, for others the worst, and for some it simply just existed, it wasn’t great or awful but we got through it.

I switched high schools in grade 12 (yes, when I went to high school we had grade 13 or OAC as we called it) and my last two years were spent at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School (TASS).  Meredith Pilley also graduated from TASS and LOVED high school.  She wanted to celebrate the schools 50th anniversary with an epic reunion. She has spear headed the whole event, even spending her own money to make it happen.

When she asked if I would help promote the event, I had two thoughts.

  1. Would I go to a high school reunion?
  2. It would be really fun to visit my old high school.

So we hopped in the Trans Canada Nissan Pathfinder and drove around the parking lot and talked candidly about high school and why everyone needs to seriously consider attending their high school reunion.  Meredith shares some amazing insight on what contributes to a positive high school experience and we rock out to my all time favourite song.  This MF’s Drive By really made me reflect on my high school life.

I have always wondered how people remember me versus how I think I am remembered.  Being a teenager is hard, I think our perception of who we are is skewed when we are trying to figure out who we are!

If you are a TASS graduate please share this post and visit the link HERE to get all the info about the reunion, including a link to buy tickets.  Meredith’s goal is to fill the city with Griffins (that’s the high school mascot) I personally remember being referred to as a TASShole by the other high schools;)

Thanks Meredith this was REALLY fun.




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