For those who love blonde hair, you also know it is high maintenance.

This may come as a shock to some of you, but blonde hair colour isn’t usually natural on adults😉 That means they colour it to be that colour.  I know, it’s shocking.

It takes a lot of maintenance and colour treatments to keep your blonde colour fresh. It’s not only time consuming, it’s expensive.

Have you heard of Luo by L’Oréal? It really is a blonde’s best friend.

Luo is applied at the root area, to cover your re growth.  When I get a full colour I use Luo, but where it is an awesome money and time saver, is in between colours.

It “etches” your regrowth to blend your blonde.

A typical full colour with blow dry and cut can take up to three hours.

Luo sets in 15 minutes! So you can have a blow dry and cut and be out the door in 45 minutes!

And the cost savings is significant. A partial foil starts at $75, a Luo treatment starts at $25!

Luo is ideal for blondes but it does work at blending grey as well.

*Thanks to my hair sponsor Salon Sorella & Day Spa.  If you would like to learn more about their services visit them online HERE. 

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