Tara Bullock has been on a dairy farm her whole life. Tara has been a director on the Ontario Holstein Branch for four years and her husband Randy has served as a director on the Jersey Ontario board for four years as well.

“My grandfather started milking cows before Supply Management existed, after WW2. My kids are fourth generation dairy farmers.”

Tara often pours her heart out on her personal Facebook page, sharing thought provoking posts about an industry that is rapidly changing and quick to be negatively judged.

Veganism is increasing and the number of documentaries about slaughterhouses and non-humane livestock farms has created a major movement in people raising their voice about where their food comes from.

Tara is incredible at assessing both sides of the argument.

I really love this MF’s Trans Canada Nissan Drive By. It’s interesting and insightful to hear Tara speak and tell her side of the story.

Sit back and watch and please share this with anyone who you think would benefit from this information.

On another note, I wanted to share this post  Tara posted on her Facebook the night after I visited Cedarvilla Farms in Selwyn, Ontario:

Life is always a series of peaks and valleys. We see this so often on the farm as birth and life and eventually death come to all living things… today is a valley… Maradun Terra Arosa EX 94 6E came into our lives when Ed Werry said he knew this great cow who was for sale and we should buy her. Ed has never steered us wrong so we bought her, brought her home and have worked along side her for the last decade. She has been the most faithful friend… a joy to work with and a cherished member of our family. She has many daughters and granddaughters in the herd and even at nearly 14 years of age she had her last heifer calf who is the spitting image of her mother. She tried so hard but we finally had to say goodbye today… many tears were shed as she was finally put to sleep. We have cared for her and she has cared for us… I’ve always considered the girls in the barn to be our co-workers… they don’t work for us but with us. Rest in peace old girl…