Melody Thomas lived her childhood in poverty. She didn’t experience many of the simple experiences that most middle and upper class kids do, but thanks to an incredible program that enables those with less opportunity, Melody Thomas has become a very successful and fulfilled adult.

The YMCA has so many stories just like Melody’s because of the Strong Kids Campaign.

The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign is a national campaign that has been providing financial assistance to children, youth and families for over 20 years. Although the campaign is national, all funds remain in the community in which they are raised. Families can apply for financial assistance by speaking with a membership service representative or by clicking here locally or nationally by clicking here. Applications are processed based on financial need. Financial assistance can be applied to membership, programming and camp.

This weeks MF’s Trans Canada Nissan Drive By is inspiring. Melody shares her story, her gift of music and the advice she has for those struggling with mental health and pride. She also shares a simple and powerful piece of advice of what helps her escape the feeling of sadness and depression.

Thanks for watching and listening to Melody’s story and if you are local and would like to support the Strong Kids Campaign and and enjoy a great night out, you should take in the White Garden Party, Friday September 29th. We attended last year and it was beautiful. Everyone wears white, it’s held at Johnston’s Greenhouse and the ambiance is beautiful with white lights, white linens, white flowers and delicious food and drink.

You can call 705.748.9642 ext 258 to get your tickets, don’t forget to wear white;)

*As always thanks to our sponsor Trans Canada Nissan for allowing us to share these inspiring stories.  

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