I recently posted a photo on my Facebook of me at the gym and I asked two questions: What’s the number one reason you don’t join a gym or make time for fitness? or What’s the number one reason you DO join a gym and make time for fitness?

We got lots of great answers, but one answer turned into an incredible story that the reader agreed to share with all of you. Here is Kate’s story!

My name is Kate Toms and I am an ECE in a kindergarten classroom. I’m 28 years old and live in Peterborough. I have lost 70lbs and 56.5 inches since the end of January 2017.

My fiancé and I signed up for an eight week transformation, not anticipating getting picked, let alone having the motivation to get any results. My diet regime is considered an #iifym diet (if it fits your macros). This means, eat mostly clean food, but as long as it fits in your macros, it’s not going to cost you all of your progress. I track all of my food using an app and my target macros are 35% carbs, 35% protein and 30% fat. I also have a calorie target I stick to.

I belong to two gyms; one allowing me to strength train and do cardio on a daily basis, and another (Kawartha Combat) that allows me to train in boxing and Muay Thai with my bestie for extra cardio! I workout in some way, every day. I take supplements to boost my workouts and help things along, but this transformation has made me realize that all you need to do is eat good, clean food most of the time, lift weights a lot, run sometimes and drink a ton of water.

My current weight is 215lbs. My end goal now is to see a “1” as the first number on the scale. In the fitness and transformation world, we call that onederland. That puts me at about 16lbs to go. I’m over 3/4 of the way there.

I know I’ll probably come up with some other goal for myself once I reach this, but, I think losing 85lbs is a pretty big feat. And that’s where I’m headed. My life has changed ten fold since starting this journey. I spend more time at the gym than I do at home some days. I love shopping now, the “wonder what size I’ll wear today” feeling is just as good as hitting that PB on the treadmill or seeing that number drop on the scale. The scale is still a very, very touchy thing for me. Don’t focus on the scale Kate, don’t focus on the scale Kate… but guess what. I do. I know that now a days I’m gaining muscle like a {insert bad word here} which is going to cause the scale to be stuck, and the muscles are amazing and needed, but I desperately want to hit that goal weight. It’s a battle I have with myself every day.

There are some serious downsides to this life, but the good definitely outweigh the bad. They say that body dysmorphia is a thing, especially for people who have lost a lot of weight. Doctor Google has diagnosed me with this.

It means that even though you look and are an entirely different person, you don’t see it. You are your toughest critic and when you look in the mirror, you still see the old person. That’s why photos are so important to me.

I dig through what little old photos I have of myself and compare them to now, that helps me get over that “looked in the mirror” feeling. The other downside (which could also be taken as a good thing) is loose skin. You can lose weight, but you can’t lose the skin. They say eventually it will tighten, but, never ever will all of this be tight again. I have sagging skin on my stomach, serious bat wings (Dana is mesmerized by them while boxing) and thighs that sploot when I sit. Compression pants and good underwear keep all of this contained though, and as much as I consider it a flaw, I wouldn’t change it for the world. People often ask if I will get surgery one day and while that would be in my plan for the very distant future, I have much more important things to spend my money on these days (wedding, house etc.)

WOW Kate! You are a powerhouse and I love your story! For anyone wanting to follow Kate’s journey, check out her Instagram!

I too have been on this path of losing weight and trying all things… and yes, eating well and exercising is the key. It is that simple. But, if  I could give you one piece of advice: GET RID OF THE SCALE!!!

Keep up the great work girl!

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  • Thanks for sharing my journey!!! My hope is so inspire others to get their butts in gear, with me as proof that it is possible!!!