Meet Karl.

Karl has been living on his own for six years. He has two part time jobs. Karl is 26 and he’ll happily tell you that he will be 27 on November 6. He has graduated high school and college. He has lots of friends and family, and has a girlfriend who he plans on marrying in 10 years.

Karl plays in a band on Wednesday nights, he loves to cook and he loves food.

Karl also has autism.

Karl reached out to me on Facebook because he’s very proud of the work he does in Peterborough, Ontario at two local restaurants as a dishwasher, so I asked him if he would like to be interviewed and he said yes!

I picked Karl up in my Pathfinder and we drove to a local store where he bought the ingredients to make me his famous maple mustard salmon recipe.

I seriously couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was with Karl!

I was fortunate to have him in my Pathfinder and to share his story of inspiration of living independently with autism.

Thank you to Trans Canada Nissan, our sponsor for these amazing Drive By interviews.

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