Eating dinner together as a family is one of the non negotiable rules of our family.

We don’t get to do it seven days a week but we try to aim for every night. In our home, we sit down, share our favourite part of the day and something kind we did for someone else. We have a no electronic rule at the table and everyone is expected to contribute to the dinner. Whether it’s setting the table, getting the water, making a salad, cutting up veggies, everyone has a job!

One of the best things about cooking healthy family dinners is they help make lunches for the next day!! In this episode of our healthy lunches with the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, cook a delicious zucchini noodle pasta with a chickpea marinara with the help of two young men who love to cook!

I love this recipe! If you want to try it out for yourself, you can find the full recipe here and even more on the Nourish Project website.

Watch Parts One, Two, and Three below!

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