There are two reasons why we get our kids into sports: Physical fitness and mental health. Recently, at my son’s hockey game, a couple of kids got kicked after an altercation and after the game, things were heated.

In this video, The Stallion and I talk about the culture behind hockey and how parents react to the game their kids are playing. When parents forget that it’s a game and that it’s supposed to be fun, nasty things can happen. Coaches get yelled at, people get hurt emotionally and sometimes physically.

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I don’t think there are coaches out there who want kids to hurt other kids, but kids do get hurt or a play goes wrong, there are parents who take it too far. The pressure builds and nothing good can come of it.

We want our kids to have fun, right?

So what do we do? What has to happen? Watch the video and join in the conversation over on Facebook.