Do you know someone with boobs? Did you know secondhand smoke is putting her at risk?

Who’s her, you ask?

Her = your daughters.

Her = your sisters.

Her = your girlfriends.

Her = your family.

Her = YOU.

The Risky campaign is a public health awareness initiative to help educate about the dangers of exposing young girls to second hand smoke.

The risk is this: Girls who are developing breasts are more at risk of developing breast cancer when exposed to secondhand smoke.

We teamed up with Peterborough Public Health to create a video featuring three women with three stories, in hopes to educate and inspire change and awareness.

  • Stephanie is a mom of three and has smoked since she was 13. She offered to share her story in hopes to get the support she needs to successfully quit.
  • Michelle is a breast cancer survivor.
  • Cindy is a Mom and fitness enthusiast who successfully quit smoking.

This video was powerful and organic.  I had never met any of these women before this day and the women did not know each other. What you see in the video is truly what happened. Our videographer captured the meeting and conversation of a group of people sharing stories in hopes to help others and bring awareness to the power of addiction.

For more info on the campaign you can visit

If you know someone with boobs, please watch this video.

If you know someone who smokes, please share this video.

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This post is sponsored by Peterborough Public Health. As always, all opinions expressed are mine.

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    • Hi Serena! Just making sure you were able to enter? The widget was having some issues on the first day 🙂 You can also go directly to the giveaway widget at!

  • I knew that you should avoid second hand smoke, but I didn’t realize the risk to developing breast tissue. Thank you for being part of this campaign.

  • This is really interesting. I am not a smoker myself but my mom is. While I was growing up she had breast cancer herself, and I am at risk for it because if her health history – I didn’t realize about the secondhand smoke component. My own kids however don’t even know she smokes – after almost 8 years! I would love to read some of the research behind this campaign, does PPH have it available on their website?

  • As someone who was exposed to second hand smoke from the moment I was conceived this video hits home. Luckily (to date anyways) the tatas are ok. And I’m so pleased that my mom quit, cold turkey, in February of this year after nearly 50 years of smoking!

  • Candid and straight to the heart- all were so down to earth – but didn’t put others down either….like that part.

  • Vey important message. Protect your family especially your children and grandchildren. Well done Michelle. Hopefully you can get CHEX to play this. Making people aware of the health problems caused by smoking I know for a fact that anti smoking ads worked for me about 40+ years ago but that’s another story. If you cant do it for your own health DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN.