Permanent eyebrows has been a major beauty trend for a while.

Eyebrows are the frame for the face. A beautifully shaped eyebrow can make a world of difference in highlighting your features. Getting your eyebrows done permanently saves time and eventually money on daily shaping and makeup application.

But what’s the difference between microblading and tatooing your eyebrows? Which one is right for you?

We shot a video during a tattoo procedure also known as permanent makeup using a machine with Angela Hobbs at Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic. 

Elisa was her model and And took the time to explain the difference and cost between the two procedures.  Watch the video and watch the transformation of Elisa’s eyebrows happen right before your eyes!

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*This post is sponsored by Kawartha Cosmetic Clinic, but all opinions are my own. 

Before and after of permanent makeup using a machine aka tatooed eyebrows.