SANTAAAAAAAAA! Guess which kid is thinking that;)

Yes it’s that time of year for many of us who celebrate Santa Claus and the insanity of the Christmas hustle and bustle.  For those of you who know me well, you know I’m not much for the Christmas thing, but I do love watching my kids get sooo excited.  They certainly help destroy the grinch in me.

I’m not one for a whole lot of presents.  In fact in our house Santa only brings one unwrapped toy.  I never threaten my kids with “if you don’t behave Santa won’t come”. I always say, “hey, it’s Mom and Dad who give you the toys, so behave. Christmas is no different than any other time of the year.  You know how to behave, and you know the rules.”

I like to think memories are far more valuable than presents, so that’s why I love traditions:

  • Decorating a ginger bread house that never gets finished because my kids eat the icing and candy before they decorate it.
  • My kids’ hyperactivity and sick tummies from eating too much icing and candy.
  • My kids waking up at 2am, and every 26 minutes till we give in and let them go downstairs at 6am.
  • Decorating the tree and not trying to be a control freak while my kids “help”.
  •  The accumulated and battered Christmas crafts they bring home from school
  • Trying to find space to store the 9,632 battered Christmas “crafts”.
  • Taking the tree down at 9am Boxing Day.

Ok fine I’m not that bad,  I usually wait till 10:30am.

I do love good Christmas movies.  I recently ran into a friend who told me he and his wife do the “12 days of Christmas movies” with his kids leading up to Christmas.  I love that idea! So I’m stealing it and my family is doing it too!!

What is your all time favourite Christmas movie?

I have a lot of fave Christmas movies, probably Christmas vacation ranks first, but right now this scene is winning for me:



  • It’s A Wonderful Life closely followed by The Grinch. P.S I have never watched Elf – how shameful is that! blog shared!

  • I’m like you…the Christmas tree comes down on Boxing Day! This year it’s really easy though because we’re moving back to Lakefield between Christmas and New Year’s (yes, I like to add extra stress on myself!) so no tree this year. We’re behind in our Christmas movie watching but I’d have to say my favourite Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation but I also like watching the three Santa Clause movies with the girls.